«Elucidator» (エリュシデータ, Eryushidēta?) is Kirito's primary weapon in Sword Art Online. This sword is a demonic monster drop from a boss on the 50th Floor[1] that Kirito wields along with «Dark Repulser». It was boosted to +45[2] by Lisbeth out of a maximum of 50.


This sword is from my video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1y2FFdHzloQ&t


The Sword is made with 100% Aluminum


OBS!! Because we are located in EU we are not alowed to ship Sharp edge blades, so The Knife/sword needs a little File/Grinding to get a 100% sharp edge. This takes secondes to make, But ensure we dont brake Law and still are able so ship or product to you. Thanks Alumitube

Sword Art OnliineElucidatoor

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